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iad introduces its groundbreaking model to Florida, blending comprehensive support with a pioneering dual revenue model designed to build your wealth.

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Our Growing Family

iad stands tall with a robust history of success across Europe and Mexico, supported by over 500 full-time dedicated employees. Our model has survived and thrived, creating a community of over 20,000 agents who’ve witnessed transformative growth. As we expand into Florida, we invite you to be part of a proven success story, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in the US real estate market. Are you ready?

Join Over 20,000 Agents in
Our Growing Family

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A Ground Floor Opportunity with
International Reach

From our humble beginnings, iad quickly rose to international prominence, now seeking to replicate our remarkable growth in the US. This is your chance to join a global real estate revolution from the ground up in Florida. Be part of a dynamic team redefining real estate, leveraging international success to empower local agents like you.

Build a Sellable Business Asset and Earn Income on
Multiple Fronts

Imagine a career where your earnings reflect your efforts directly. With our pioneering dual revenue model, it’s now possible.

By selling properties and building your team, you create a continuous income stream and a sellable asset for the future. This innovative structure ensures that your hard work today translates into a secure tomorrow, offering both immediate rewards and long-term financial freedom.

Here's How it

Earning Money With iad’s Dual Wealth-Building Model Is Like Unlocking Two Powerful Income Streams in the Real Estate World. Let’s Break It Down into Simple Terms:

Building Your

You start by recruiting agents to join under you, forming your first level. As these agents grow and recruit their own agents, your team expands to multiple levels. You earn a percentage from the business generated by each agent in your team, not just from those you directly recruited but also from their recruits and so on, up to five levels deep. It’s like earning royalties from a song you wrote, receiving income long after the initial work is done.

Your Total



Earning Money Directly
Selling Properties

Earning Money Directly Through Selling Properties

Selling Properties

On the other side, there’s the bread-and-butter of real estate: selling properties. At iad, every agent earns a 70/30 split with a $13,200 CAP. Once you CAP, your commission climbs to 85% !  But with the unique iad model you have the ability to earn over 100% commission.

Unique Twist
: A Sellable Business Asset

Unique Twist

A Sellable Business Asset

Now, here’s where iad stands out. As you build your team and sell properties, you’re not just working for commissions or building a temporary income stream. You’re creating a business asset that you can eventually sell.

This aspect of iad‘s model is groundbreaking. Once you retire or move on from real estate, you can sell your built-up network of agents as a business asset. It’s a retirement plan and a legacy rolled into one.

Our iad Agents Earn Both
Revenue Share

iad empowers you to be more than just a real estate agent. You become a business owner with the freedom to grow your income on your terms and, eventually, the opportunity to sell your business when you’re ready to move on. This approach is not just about making money, it’s about building a lasting legacy and securing your financial future.

Chris Pflueger

Managing Director iad Florida

Innovate, Grow, And Succeed With

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Leverage our industry-leading and proprietary tools suite to streamline your operations and maximize your earnings.




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Expert Training and Real Personal

At iad, We Believe In Nurturing Talent With Individualized Training And Unwavering Support. From Personalized Mentors To Comprehensive Online Resources, We’re Committed To Your Continuous Growth, Ensuring You’re Always Ahead In The Fast-evolving Real Estate Market.

Every new iad agent is matched with a mentor upon joining the network. This mentor is your primary contact and guide throughout your initial journey with iad, providing personalized support and advice when needed.

New Agents

Personalized Mentors

Personalized Guidance With iad Online University

Every new iad agent is matched with a mentor upon joining the network. This mentor is your primary contact and guide throughout your initial journey with iad, providing personalized support and advice when needed.

Initial Training

The initial training program, suggested by the mentor, aims to equip you with the fundamentals of the profession and the specific knowledge required to excel in your field. This program ensures you start on the right foot with a strong foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of real estate.

Experienced Agents

iad Online University

The iad Online University offers an array of training modules complemented by videos to help agents grasp the basics and delve deeper into their knowledge. It includes a variety of knowledge assessments to validate the learning progress, ensuring that you continuously improve and stay updated with the latest trends and practices.

Continuous Education

iad Florida’s training courses are designed to be ever-evolving, enriching the learning experience and ensuring that agents can access the latest information and strategies from a community of iad-certified trainers.

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iad Overview

Discover iad’s long-standing history of cross-global success and learn what it takes to become a true real estate entrepreneur.

frequently asked

iad is a trailblazing real estate network combining a proven business model with a comprehensive support system to empower agents. With a presence in 8 countries and a network of over 20,000 agents, iad brings innovative tools, training, and a unique compensation model to the Florida real estate market.

iad stands out by offering a dual revenue model, allowing agents to earn from property sales and building a team, creating a sellable business asset. Unlike traditional brokerages, iad emphasizes a blend of personal mentorship, advanced technology, and global opportunities, setting a new standard for success in real estate.

iad offers personalized mentoring, a comprehensive online university, and field training to ensure agents excel in their careers. From one-on-one coaching to cutting-edge digital resources, our personal support system is tailored to foster growth, knowledge, and success at every level.

Absolutely! iad welcomes agents at all stages of their careers. For new agents, iad provides extensive training and mentorship to build a solid foundation in real estate, ensuring a smooth transition into the industry with the tools and knowledge to thrive.

iad equips its agents with an Agent Productivity Suite featuring industry-leading tools for lead generation, marketing, transaction management, and more. Our technology stack, including kvCORE and Brokermint, is designed to streamline operations and enhance agent productivity.

Joining iad is simple. Start by booking an appointment with Chris Pflueger, our Managing Director. During your meeting, we’ll discuss how iad can support your career goals, outline the benefits of our network, and guide you through the steps to become part of our growing community of successful real estate professionals.

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Download The iad Overview

Discover iad‘s long-standing history of cross-global success and learn what it takes to become a true real estate entrepreneur. 

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Download The iad Overview

Discover iad’s long-standing history of cross-global success and learn what it takes to become a true real estate entrepreneur.